I was hesitant about sharing this post, but following a discussion with my companion who was with me while this event took place, we agreed it would be remiss of me not too. Yesterday I was booked to meet my accountant in a café/patisserie out in the outer east, which I had not frequented before. […]

Ethiopian Misty Valley

They say each day comes bearing its own gifts. Such is the case this week, literally. It’s thanks to John from Toby’s Estate, who sent me a bag of coffee from my favourite coffee growing region on earth. None other than an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, from the Misty Valley.  What makes this gift so special, is […]

Minas Hill Apas Coffee

“Of all the paths you travel in life…. Make sure a few are off the beaten track”. I went off the beaten track, and found a hidden gem serving a coffee I’ve been longing to try from the Association of Producers from Alto da Serra (APAS), which is brought to Australia via Minas Hill.   […]


Who doesn’t like being on vacation, right? Or as us Aussies call it, ‘Holiyays’!   Julian Bedford, Kael Sahely, and Jimmy Tjoeng have teamed up to bring the Vacation to Melbourne city. Many may know these hospitality gurus from Pillar of Salt, Square and Compass, Barry, and Bawa. I actually remember Jimmy from Little Chloe, […]

Walk Don’t Run

Don’t run before you can walk, right ? Great to see Walk Don’t Run now have an espresso machine. Last time I was at this tiny café tucked away behind Armadale Train Station, the coffee options were limited to French Press. Thanks to @Buddy_kits , Walk Don’t Run recently acquired a brand new La Marzocco […]

Moccamaster appreciation

“Appreciate the now….. rather than focusing on how far you have to go” I’ve recently felt an unrelenting need to remind myself how precious life is, and how important it is to appreciate the most simplest of things, in the now. A genuine smile from the barista that made my coffee, the warmth of an […]

Minas Hill Bom Jesus

I’m quite literally feeding my faith in the quality of Brazilian coffee. For many years, Brazilian coffees have been used as a base in blends, due to their smooth chocolate and nut tones, low acidity, and balanced body. However, over recent years farmers have stepped up to the plate, and utilising innovation harvesting and processing […]