The team here promise to bring us good coffee, good food, and good moods. Pinkie is brought to us by Dom & Diana Caruso, the same couple behind No. 19 in Ascot Vale, and St Rose in Essendon. Award-winning interior designer Jean-Pierre Biasol has carefully curated this light filled space, which combines the elegance of black terrazzo, […]

Axil, 50 Lonsdale Street

Axil of 50 Lonsdale Street has come of age.   Last week the crew from Axil Coffee Roasters introduced Melbourne CBD to their new baby. Located in the lobby of the Urban Workshop (a thirty-three level city tower at the top end of Lonsdale Street), this latest offering was designed by ST Styles- the same […]

Dukes on Flinders Lane

Died and Gone to Heaven…. without Bryan Adams. There’s so much to love about Dukes on Flinders Lane, and that’s before I even taste of their coffee. For instance, I appreciate the cafes dim lighting that doesn’t overwhelm the senses when one is in dire need of a caffeine hit (me every morning); the simplicity […]

Braybrook STN

The Workshop Brothers have done it again. This time they’ve ventured westward, and opened another London Metro inspired ‘Station’ café. Nolan, the eldest of the trio, has always believed people need not travel a long distance for quality coffee & food, hence brought the good stuff to the folks of Braybrook. You’ll find Braybrook STN […]

Coffee aroma and memories

Have you ever had a fragrance or flavour elicit a vivid childhood memory? Well, it happened to me while at Cartel Coffee in Geelong . The guys behind the bar brewed me an Ethiopian natural (Hafursa Lot A7) via the Bkon, and the moment my cup hit my lips, I was instantly brought back to […]

BE.AN by Workshop Bros

  One of the joys of being a Melbourne cafe hunter, is watching members of the coffee community evolve and flourish. I’ve met some incredible people along the way,  and Jason Kim is one such human. I first met Jason at Black Flat several years ago, when he was pumping out Axil coffee in a […]

Paper Tiger 

New Cafe Alert for Melbourne CBD:  Paper Tiger.   Ben Farrands opened Paper Tiger earlier this week, which is located in the lobby of an office tower that has dual access from Queen Street and Bond Street. The name “paper tiger” was spurred by Bens aim to make coffee accessible and not daunting or threatening. […]