Ascot Food Store

Seemingly, this location used to be a Spanish delicatessen. Considering I’m not from this side of town, and hence not au fait with this popular spot, the waitress was kind enough to give me a rundown of the venues history. The back area is a converted 1960s house, with its vintage features still intact.  This front section of the café has a modern feel, with a noticeable orange theme that flows through into the dining area, where you’ll find a nostalgic retro fit out. The furniture reminded me of my great auntie’s house- orange vinyl chairs, vintage dining tables, and 1960s venetian blinds. The space truly does have a soul of its own, and lots of energy thanks to the clever choice of textures and funky colours.

There’s also appears to be a chemistry theme on the tables, where beakers replace water jugs, and salt and pepper shakers have been traded in for test tubes.  The menu seems to continue the chemistry theme, where seasonal ingredients are harmoniously combined to form carefully designed dishes. A sample of the menu includes the 62 degree eggs with shaved grana & pickled truffles on brioche soldiers, Apple wood smoked trout with torched cauliflower, puffed black rice & potato mousse, and Slow cooked Pork belly.

Coffee is by St Ali, with both a house blend and rotating single origin filter and espresso offerings.  I enjoyed a long black, which had a smooth body, and bakers chocolate notes.



Ascot Food Store.
320 Ascot Vale Rd
Moonee Ponds VIC 3039


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