The Piggery

Drive up Mount Dandenong Tourist Road, and you’ll soon discover the Piggery Café. This charming spot is located at Burnham Beeches, which is an estate that was built in the 1930s. The café is headed by Shannon Bennett from Vue de monde, named after the old piggery that once occupied the large country building. For those dining alfresco, you are treated to a picturesque view of the adjacent forest, as well as a lawn bowl, croquet, and bocce pitches.  Inside, you will be treated to the aroma from the bakery and side kitchen, and the snug rustic surrounds that are a tribute to the Australian culture in days gone by.

The menu emphasised produce that is sustainably and ethically sourced, which includes vegetables from the Burnham Beeches garden that uses biodynamic practices. The lunch menu features Garden Soup, Lobster rolls, Charcuterie plates, and an in-house pie.  From the chargrilled BBQ, you can indulge in the Blackmore Wagyu Beef burger, Mark Eather Barramundi burger, Quarter Charcoal Chicken platter, and the Pork Belly BLT.

Coffee is from Five Senses, and todays single origin offering was the Indonesian Tiga Raja. This wet hulled offering from Sumatra tasted much like orange chocolate, with an intense body.







Piggery Cafe.
1 Sherbrooke Rd
Sherbrooke VIC 3789


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