Major Tom

This is Major Tom to Ground Control,
I’m stepping through the door,
And I’m floating in a most the peculiar way,
And the stars look very different today.

Here lives a tribute to David Bowie, a musical chameleon, who constantly re-invented himself over the decades.

Major Tom may be an astronaut that features in Bowies music, but in Collingwood, it’s a café by day & bar by night.  Designed by Brolly Studios, the stylish interior is dotted with greenery, has lots of timber features and furnishings, and has both corrugated steel and brick walls.
The extensive menu has a Spanish feel, with options that include Egg Revueltos, Banana Hot Dogs with bacon lardon & smoked scamorza, Fish Tacos, Tofu Quesadilla’s, and even Pumpkin Bunuelos (aka. Doughnuts!).By night, they offer an array of cocktails, wines, imported ciders and beers, as well as tapas.

What was interesting was the fact that the coffee is roasted in Italy, by Romacaffe. The Miscela Espresso blend was used for my espresso, which was a classic Italian short black- big bodied, with toasted hazelnut nots and a slight bitterness on the finish.


Major Tom.
108 Smith St
Collingwood VIC 3066


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