Lot 3

The brains behind Ripponlea’s famed Attica restaurant have opened a cafe around the corner in an old station master’s quarters next to the train station. The stand alone building has a red and white theme, and offers traditional American style food fare in a clean airy space. The decor consists of a central recycled timber communal table, red stools, and pale timber side benches and a paneled front bar & kitchen. They are bunches of Basil and homemade pasta drying on a hanger at the side kitchen window, which also allows in natural sunlight that filters through the circa 1900’s dwelling.

There’s no set menu, just A4 sheets fixed to the wall above the counter, which list what’s on offer for the day. Option include Sandwiches with fillings such as Scrambled Eggs, cold cuts, pickled green tomato, and cheese. There’s an Eggplant parma, and a baloney sandwich with fried mortadella, cheese & pickled fennel. The “Not sandwich” offerings include the Egg salad, and The House Fettuccini with spicy italian sausage. A remodelled coke machine serves as a soda fountain, with all syrups made in house. I found the sparkling and Still water on tap to be a nice touch, and something i appreciated,  being an espresso drinker that enjoys sparkling on the side.

Coffee is from Proud Mary, with rotating blends and singles for both espresso and filter.  I enjoyed an El Salvador espresso, which had orange blossom & soft cinnamon notes.


Lot 3.
3 Glen Eira Ave
Ripponlea VIC 3185


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