The Owl and The Baker

“They say the owl was a baker’s daughter. Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be. God be at your table.” If you’re wondering why I’m quoting Shakespeares ‘Owl and the baker’ myth reference in Hamlet, bear with me.

As the legend goes, Christ requested hospitality from the baker’s wife, who was prevented from doing so by her daughter. Hence Jesus turned the daughter into an owl. Moral of the story? Be sure to give JC anything he orders- even if it means making a decaf weak soy latte. Ok, jokes aside, it’s this very myth that was the inspiration for the name of Andrea Brooks latest cafe in Bentleigh.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Andrea, when I managed to pull her away from the ovens for a quick chat.  When it comes to cafes, Andrea has credentials, having previously owned Wild in Elwood, and Grocery Bar Espresso in St Kilda, amongst other popular spots. She’s taken her hospitality prowess to this family friendly south eastern suburb, and last December’s opening was like the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. They open 6am every day of the week, and when I spoke to a few of the locals, they all remarked on how The Owl and the Baker offers something different to the area, which has been warmly embraced with open arms. I heard it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

The café boasts a vibrant blue front counter, made from handcrafted tiles sourced from India. There’s  a large bakery at the rear of the venue, where I’m told, pastry stretchers, ovens, and all the necessary equipment to make everything from authentic Turkish bread, through to chocolate chip cookies, resides.

Coffee is roasted by Five Senses, and extracted through a sleek Synesso.
The Crompton Road Blend is used for milk based coffee, while the Harvest blend is used for all black coffee options. My long black had a bright acidity, and candied cherry highlights.

The All-day menu is  Middle Eastern inspired, and features Owl & Baker Turkish or Lievito toast with house made strawberry & rose petal jam, Black quinoa porridge with flossy floss & candied lemon zest, and Chicken Pilaf Pie with yoghurt & red harissa.




The Owl & The Baker.
347 Centre Rd
Bentleigh VIC 3204


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