I took a trip out to Sandringham to experience Otto Epicurean.

According to the head barista, the owner was a fan of palindromes, hence the choice in name. He also must be a devotee of sensual pleasure derived from fine food and coffee. The baby blue on timber décor parallels the beachside suburb, and its airy ambiance is as alluring as the foreshore itself.

Much like the venue itself, the menu is fresh and embellished with refreshing options such as Chia Pudding infused with orange rind, Vanilla Pancakes with mascarpone and strawberries, and Salmon Stack with nori salad. They also serve Bloody Mary and Pimms, to help turn your morning frown upside down. Being a teetotaller, it would turn my entire being upside down if I started the day with liquor, so I opted for a trusty espresso. The curvaceous Spirit delivered a rich Costa Rican Santa Rosa Traphice, which had rounded acidity and hints of red apple.


Otto Epicurean.
50 Station St
Sandringham VIC 3191


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