District North

DN’s name attests a feeling of locality, that’s not home, and not work, but is a place to go for quality food fare and coffee. So much so, they even have a huge blackboard on one of the side walls, to keep to kids occupied while mums and dads can relax for a few moments.

The venue was formerly occupied by Smoken Joes, a mediterranean influence cafe. It’s since had a fresh revamp, with the assistance of Ink Interiors. Upon entering, one immediately feels that quintessential Melbourne cafe buzz, and is surrounded by a well crafted interior. The floorboards have been polished, the walls have a white washed finish, and preserve jars serve as ight features throughout the large open space.

Coffee is by Code Black, and the house blend is strangely named the ‘Ex-Wife’. I’m not sure if that’s implies my cup should have left me with a bitter aftertaste, but surely this blend of Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia beans deserves a more appropriate description.

Much like the fit out, the menu has been carefully designed to present a taste of several cultures, such as asian spiced dishes and traditional calabrese sausages.

Breakfast features Pandan Pancakes with kaya mascarpone, charred pineapple & sesame meringue, Green Chilli chorizo croquetas with fried eggs,  and the aptly named ‘Magic mushrooms’ with kale cashew pesto.  They also do gluten free gnocchi Nduja;  nduja being that traditional Calabrese sausage I mentioned earlier. Being of Southern Italian origin, this option did bring back childhood memories of salami and sausages hanging in my grandparents garage during salami season. Its great to see venues exhibiting such traditional artisan small goods in their menu.



District North.
678/680 Mount Alexander Rd
Moonee Ponds VIC 3039


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