Capeside is testament to the notion, ‘Good things come in small packages’.

The dream of former Ora baristi Hannah & Parv, has come of age. Serendipitously, the ‘time’ was right for the pairs aspiration, which started its journey as a sketch drawing. They’ve taken an empty ground floor space, and transformed it into Heidelberg’s first specialty coffee bar. Prior to my realisation of the existence of such a space, I only ever knew this North Eastern suburb for its role in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, when it was the site for the athletes’ village. Capeside now serves as a reminder that when you follow your dreams, the attainment of such aspirations have a rippling effects. I sat as the window bench watching as locals flowed through the front door; from bike riders, Austin hospital nurses, right through to mums and dads from nearby neighbourhood; Capeside serves the same vital role to caffeinate with Melbourne best offerings.

The gleaming Linea PB and Bonavita filter brewer pumps out both Seven Seeds and Small Batch coffee. Today’s single origin of the day was the Ethiopian Kochere. This washed processed lot is from the Yirgacheffe, and if I may say, was absolutely exquisite as a long black. It had a smooth body, yet wonderful juicy tones. At first I was inundated with apricot jam nuances, and as it cooled, blueberry flavours developed, leaving a lingering sweetness.

The focus here is Specialty Coffee, so food offerings are simple yet satisfying.  Egg and bacon rolls are made in house, while American style sweet pies and tarts are supplied by Bakewell and Co. They also have Doughboy Doughnuts, as well as gluten free cookies, and white chocolate lamingtons from the Windsor Street Deli; which sat in the small glass cube on the corner of the coffee bar.

Capeside offers a laid back space, without any pretentious attitudes, and specialty coffee extracted to perfection.



3/119 Cape St
Heidelberg VIC 3084


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