The Backyard

This 2 month old cafe sneaked onto the cafe scene during summer, and so I decided to take a trip over the West Gate Bridge to see what this Backyard proffers. It’s the vision turned into a reality for Muk, a Yarraville resident who wanted to take specialty coffee and creative Bao Burgers to the once Williamstown junction. They’ve recently had Permits approved for a backyard garden and dining area, which shouldn’t be too far away.

Now, back to those signature Backyard bao buns, or should I say, Baorgers. These Asian steamed buns are freshly made onsite, and rather than being filled with savoury ingredients in their traditional form; are sliced in half, and served much like a burger, with a softer texture and nutritional flaxseed on top. Bun options include Soft crab shell and pickled vegetables, Fried Cajun Chicken & Bacon, Fish cake with Sriracha sauce, and Tapioca dusted squid.
For those wanting a simple breakfast, they also have Sourdough toast with eggs your way, or a variety of spreads. There’s also Avo smash with goats cheese on multigrain toast,  Honey and grilled cheese stacks, and Caramelised leek & Gorgonzola cheese omelettes.

Coffee is roasted by Industry Beans, and today’s single origin was a washed Burundi. My short black had a creamy body, with apricot sweetness.



The Backyard.
19-21 Mason St


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