Jiminy Kitchen

It was a delight to discover Jiminy Kitchen in Parkdale.  The cafes name is a play on the Jiminy Cricket Character from Pinocchio, which is fitting given that the owner’s name is Jim. Husband and wife team, Jim and Tina, opened this modern style café last year, and offer a fresh fit out with ample seating. The left side of the venue features exposed red brick walls, and vintage Victoria Arduino framed posters; while the right side and kitchen enjoys glossy white tiled walls. The polished concrete warehouse finished floor adds character to the modern surrounds.
An elongated counter boasts a cake filled glass cabinet, with freshly baked in-house scones, and croissants.

Coffee is roasted by Community Roasters. It was Jim’s desire to offer the locals speciality coffee from a boutique roaster, something this suburb has lacked since it was founded. It’s all about giving people who appreciate good coffee, the coffee they deserve, and doing it consistently. As fate may have it, today’s single origin was the Ethiopian Kochere, and I need not say how happy this Ethiopian addict was to see it on the menu. This washed Heirloom variety was grown at around 2000 meters above sea level, and as a short black, had juicy apricot notes, with sweet berry and toffee on the finish.

The menu is extensive, with both Melbourne favourites like Smashed Avo, along with some health focused options.  Breakfast includes the Vanilla Pancake Stack, Smoked Paprika Corn Fritters, and Breakfast Burritos with scrambled eggs and bacon.  Lunch consists of Burgers, Sliders, and a wholesome Gnocchi dish.

It’s always a pleasure unearthing specialty coffee in what was once a coffee barren Bayside suburb.



Jiminy Kitchen.
260 Como Parade
Parkdale VIC 3195


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