Cote Terra

In a suburb  overflowing with Greek cafes and bars, Cote Terra offers a welcomed alternative in Oakleigh. These guys have filled the specialty coffee void, and do it with flair. As you walk through the art deco style glass door, you’re immediately greeted by an array of coffee tools to produce that perfect cup, not to mention the friendly staff.

The name reflects the owners focus on elements of the Earth which were used to build the cafes foundations. The team built the counter themselves, using earthen rudiments, and the pour over stand which occupies the filter bar, was also handmade using copper.
The menu is contemporary, and filled with locally sourced produce, reflecting the cafes effort to support the local community.

The menu features Pea & Feta Smash with charred corn, Tea Smoked Salmon with kale and pickled cabbage, Soft Shell Crab Burgers, and my personal favourite, the Polenta Mushroom with crumbed buffalo mozzarella and crispy enoki.

This mornings coffee was from The Reformatory in Sydney, with both a blend and single origin available. I went for the Panama Hartmann Estate in a long black. This black winey processed Caturra delivered a full juicy bodied cup, with sweet blueberry jam and candied grape notes.







Cote Terra.
17 Station St
Oakleigh VIC 3166


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