Did you know a Tomboy while growing up? I was one!

Having grown up with only brothers and male cousins, I played football not netball, my first crush was Audrey Hepburn, and when they bought me my first Barbie, I shaved her hair off and turned her into a punk! It wasnt until they sent me to an all girls college, that I discovered makeup…. and the concept of being a ‘B1tCh’.

Anyway, enough about me….

The Tomboy in Collingwood changed hands last year, and I’m happy to report the new owners have kept the much loved vintage inspired, industrial chic interior.

The cafe was originally named after its owners, a pair of Tomboys, who designed the cafe to reflect their unique style, and love of all things yesteryear. The old theatre chairs are still here, as is the Vintage Milk Bar sign, and large speakers set into the red brick counter.

Apart from the menu, not much has changed.  The all-day menu offers the some delectable options, such as Atlantic Benedict with sauteed spinach, Pork Belly Brioche Bun with rainbow slaw, Haloumi & Strawberry Salad, and Savoury Waffles with prosciutto, peanut butter, and vanilla ice-cream.

Coffee is from St Ali, with the Orthodox blend as their house espresso. The guest roaster is Maker Fine Coffee, and today’s single was the Ethiopian Gelana Abaya. This gem from the Yirgacheffe region made for a rich well rounded cup, with peach and lemon zest notes.







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