Favor + Grace

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.
Laverton has never been known for its café culture, if anything, it was a suburb that many potential café owners feared to tread. That was until now.

Husband & wife team, Kate and Dale, have put their hearts into turning their dream into a reality. They worked diligently to design and build the café, from the bottom up.  What eventually transpired was the transformation of a vacant shop, into a charming café with finesse, and a soul of its own. Favor and Grace gave Laverton a chance, and in return, the local community have embraced them. Their good will has earned them the respect of locals, who are not only bestowed with the gift of a decent cup of coffee, but they are also served authentic wholesome meals, which are rich in substance. Both Kate and Dale’s mothers bake the pastries and sweets, and even make the sausage rolls, pasties, and home-made condiments.
Whether it was the genuine bubbly personalities of all the staff, or the unpretentious smooth service, I got the feeling they want customers to feel at home. Perhaps when café owners put an abundance of love into their dreams, people intuitively sense that passion, and feel a sense of belonging.

When it comes to the food, their ethos is simple- meals are freshly made in-house, from locally sourced & sustainable produce. This includes grass fed free range meat from Paddock to Plate, Eggs from the Yarra Valley Farm, and seasonal fruit & vegetables from local farmers.

A sample of the menu includes Brioche French Toast with strawberries, vanilla ice-cream, and candied maple bacon; Cheese omelette with spinach, mushroom, and crispy salami; a selection burgers, and even Mini sausage rolls for the kids.

Coffee is sourced from Industry Beans, with both the Rose Street Blend and Fitzroy Blend in the hoppers. I went with the Fitzroy Street blend, made up 20% Finca Polonia, El Salvador, 40% Wahana Estate, Indonesia, and 40% Cauca, Colombia. It had a smooth body, with hints of plum.
Favor and Grace is more than just a café. It’s a dream turned into a beautiful reality.



Favor + Grace.
87 Railway Ave
Laverton VIC 3028


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