Workshop Brothers Melbournes CBD

The boys from Glenhuntly have moved to Queens Street in Melbourne’s CBD.    Nolan, Brian, and Jo last month launched this carefully crafted space, where specialty coffee and interior design converge and excel.   Aristotle’s wisdom is printed on the side wall, with words that epitomise the trio’s attitude to life.  Those who have had a coffee at their former residence in Glenhuntly, know exactly what is meant by perfection in a cup.

The boys collaborated with the Stella Collective Co, award winning designers renowned for their Kettle Black project, to create a spacious coffee bar, that’s also beautiful and functional.

Bifold Mirror doors at the rear create a sense of greater space by reflecting light, thus brightening the venue. The front marble top counter is adorned with floral bouquets, assorted pastries, cookie sandwiches, and freshly made doughboys doughnuts. A brass clad cabinet with steel stand holds drinking vessels, alongside a tap with granite sink.

The coffee counter accommodates all the tools necessary for producing that “Love in a cup”. The La Marzocco Strada has been customised by “Specht, and sits alongside a Mythos One, EK43, and Mazzer. A backup Linea Classic is housed behind the mirror doors, for those busy mornings common to CBD cafes.

Workshop bros CBD is dedicated to coffee, with a house blend from Axil, and single origins from Monk Bodhi Dharma. Today’s single origin of the day was a personal favourite of mine, the Ethiopian Nekisse. This delightful offering exhibited juicy berry tones, with a creamy butterscotch finish. Quintessential Nectars from Shakisso.








Workshop Bros.
190 Queens Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


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