Jack B Nimble

“Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick”.

I just about needed a map and compass to get to Maidstone. Until today, it was a suburb I knew nothing about; located 35km from my place, and 8km west of Melbourne’s CBD. Thanks to Jack B. Nimble, Maidstone will forever be etched in my mind as the home of a charming little cafe with a sunny disposition.

Jack B. Nimble takes its name from a nursery rhyme that dates back to 1815, when jumping candlesticks was a sport that would brIng good luck to those that could clear the candle without extinguishing the flame. Hard work, not luck, has played a huge role in this cafes inception. Part owners Deb & Julian, have been eyeing off this shop on a small strip for some time now, having lived across the road.  Being a family friendly area that was lacking a specialty coffee focused cafe, it seemed like the time was right when it became available.

The cafe has been designed by Betty & Wolff, who also designed The Grainstore, where Deb and Julian previously worked as chefs. The room is open and soaked in natural light, with scattered greenery, and pale plywood furnishings. Apart from the leather light shades, I was most impressed by the Reading corner, where books can be perused and exchanged. I did spot one of my favourite titles- Zen & The Art of motorcycle maintenance .

The menu offers all day Breakfast, with the usual favourites like French Toast, as well as several nostalgic Japanese meals, such as the Omlette with house smoked cobia fish, shitake mushrooms, kombu broth, nori & mizuna salad. There’s also Spice-crusted white pudding, which is served with sweet corn and zucchini fritters, chicken crackling, and fried eggs. They even have something for the kiddies, with hotdogs or vegemite soldiers as options. Muffins and colourful cupcakes are made in house, with organic ingredients such as apricots that are grown on the tree in backyard.

Coffee is from Axil, and my espresso had a wonderfully clean body, with butterscotch smoothness.

Jack sure is nimble in Maidstone, and he’s left a lasting impression on this cafe hunter.





Jack be Nimble.
132 Mitchell St
Maribyrnong VIC 3012


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