Reclaiming my Mojo

The team at White Mojo have sprinkled a little magic down the CBD’s popular Hardware Street. Owner of this stylish cafe, Ben Luo, formerly of Hash Specialty coffee next door, has crafted this fresh airy space to display a polar opposite interior to the industrial warehouse with black tones feel at Hash. White Mojo is embellished with marble and light timber features,with a hexagon tile theme that creates an invigorating freshness. The walls are lined with framed artwork made using coffee ink, and the back area is dedicated to culinary magic.

They have weaved their charm in the kitchen, presenting an innovative menu. Options include Chia pudding with caramelised white chocolate & berries, Belgium waffles with lemon curd & meringue, Zucchini fritters with pumpkin puree and fried haloumi, Cauliflower pannacotta with black pudding dust, Canadian scallops & crispy pancetta, and White Mojo Croissant burger with soft shell crab & fried egg.

Coffee is from Zest, and they offer a blend that is their own expression of Sumatran coffee, which combines two different processing methods- wet hulled, and natural. Ben does things a little differently here, and with good reason I soon realised. He Extracts his black coffee at around 82- 85 degrees, which gently brings out its natural flavours. If the 2 mythos grinders, EK43, Linea PB, and leather aprons didn’t denote a focus on quality, then the resulting cup did. I’m not usually a fan of Indonesian coffee, but this offering was exceptional. Both balanced and clean, my cup was filled with tropical fruit tones and hints of spice.






White MOJO.
115 Hardware St
Melbourne VIC 3000


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