Temperance Society

I’ve watched this corner café come together over the past few months. Being situated on my route to work, I’ve had the chance to watch this project unfold, and even counted down to the big grand opening. Having lived in the area all my life, I know too well the extent to which Hughesdale needed a specialty coffee focused café. Its arrival has been embraced with gratitude by the locals, with whom I flocked this morning, to get a daily dose of caffeine.  Being a teetotaller myself, it seemed fitting that I should visit a local spot with a name that reminds me of the temperance movement of the 19th century. However, the name is not a reference to the art of abstinence, rather, it’s linked to the former resident of this corner spot- a milkbar. Given that the Temperance Society would meet at a milkbar, it was a most congruous choice. Fear not wino’s, they will be applying for a liquor license soon.

The only form of abstinence I would struggle with, would be of the consumption of coffee. Banish the thought! Speaking of which, coffee of the day at Temperance Society is from Maker Fine Coffee Roasters. My long black this morning was made using the Fazenda Laranjal from Brazil. This naturally processed Yellow Bourbon had a rich creamy body, with chocolate orange highlights.

The all-day menu is creative and modern, with options such as Peanut Butter & Blueberry Jello Chia Pudding, Smashed Herb Peas with black quinoa, Chilli Scrambled Eggs, Orange Blossom Hotcakes, and Black Rice Sushi Burger.

Congratulations to Julien and the team, for gracing us with another beautifully crafted cafe.







Temperance Society

127 Kangaroo Rd
Hughesdale VIC 3166


1 thought on “Temperance Society

  1. Hello. splendid job. I did not anticipate this. This is a impressive story.


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