Market Lane CBD

Ever wondered why they call the top end of Collins Street, ‘The Paris end’?

This bustling Melbourne CBD street is adorned with trees and Victorian era buildings, and is famed for its European style boutiques and cafes with outdoor seating. Its where you can find many of the glamourous designer labels retail stores, and city folks sipping lattes while trams roll up to Spring Street.

Market Lane’s recent move into the Portland building on Collins Street epitomes the ‘Paris End’ culture.

Designed by Hearth Studio, the interior is decorated with soft pastel tones, from its eucalyptus green walls, to its carefully arranged geometric floor tiles. The walnut counter has a marble top and copper fixtures, which pay homage to the buildings heritage, and maintains the ‘Paris End’ sophistication.

Much like its flagship cafe in Prahran, which I am no stranger too, you can choose between espresso and filter coffee, with the charming staff brew along side the glass cabinet filled with delightful sweets from Beatrix in North Melbourne.

I enjoyed a long black made from the Colombia Pavon beans. This washed Caturra delivered a balanced cup, with honey sweetness, and soft plum tones.

Market Lane’s new CBD location exudes an authentic sophistication, and offers a slice of serenity in Melbourne’s busiest street renowned for its inherent prestige.







Market Lane CBD
8 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


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