Something More

Have you ever thought, ‘there must be something more than this’?

The owner of Something More, obviously did, and acted on the thought. Jordan, formerly of Drugstore in South Yarra, wanted to bring something more to Fitzroy, and choose an old warehouse in Moor Street as the site.  Sounds poetic, doesn’t it? Two months into its inception, and this large open venue does things differently. It’s a café and gallery by day, and an event space by night. Jordan told me he wanted to create a space where people could chill, enjoy it as if it was their own. Folks are even invited to take their laptop in, and use it as an office away from the office. The white walled converted warehouse is dotted with indoor plants; generating that fresh unpolluted feel.

The menu is also different, catering for both meat-eaters and vegans, with options that leave you feeling satisfied, without compromising flavour. All day options are cleverly named, and include the ‘Shanghai Ball Sports’, which are crunchy slow roasted brisket balls with green chill, the ‘Ms Kims Euro Trip’ crispy kimchi and pork waffles, and the ‘One before ten’ preserved Shimeji & Sautéed shiitake on a buckwheat tortilla. If you’d like to share something, they also have plates of pickled things, and a pulled pork plate.  Salads and Sweats are all made in house, and rotate daily.

Coffee rotates monthly, with a variety of brew methods available, including espresso, cold brew, v60 pour over, or cold drip.  This month’s single origin offering was a Papua New Guinea microlot roasted by Zest. The Kenta from PNG produced a long black with a rich body, raisin notes, and hints of spice. If you are not into coffee, they also serve Organic tea from the Organic Tea Project, as well as smoothies loaded with superfoods and nutrient dense ingredients to kick the body into gear without the caffeine.

image image







Something More
93 Moor St
Fitzroy VIC 3065


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