Horse on heels

Horse on Heels is the brainchild of 3 ambitious young ladies, all of which were born in the year of the horse, according to the Chinese zodiac. They say those born in the year of the horse love to be in a crowd, which makes sense for these aspiring young ladies trying to draw the crowds with their delicious savoury and sweet waffles. Yuan, Foong, and Connie, cut their teeth at the Waffle Club in Queen Victoria Market. Within that converted shipping container, they fast became Waffle Specialist, and dreamt of opening a cafe where folks could sit and enjoy waffles & coffee in a well-designed space.

Opening Horse on Heels allowed them to make that vision a reality, and this stylish Fitzroy café designed by Figure Ground offers a larger space for them to express their creative side.  The venue has an open kitchen where you can watch as your waffles are freshly made; and is split into a well-lit dining area adorned with lush greenery, timber furnishings, and a undercover outdoor area. Their waffles are both Asian and Dutch inspired, and suits the health conscious diner. They even have a vegan waffle that’s both dairy and gluten free, and made from Flaxseeds.

The All-day menu offers a variety of sweet and savoury waffles, such as the Liege Waffle topped with house charred rosemary flower butter, rhubarb, and dark chocolate ganache, and the Black Charcoal waffle topped with popcorn chicken, caramel popcorn, pickled kale, and chimichurri aioli sauce. These Liege Waffles are made from sweet dough and a sugar that caramelizes around the waffle making the outer layer crispy, while leaving the inside soft.

They also have a Fermented Tofu marinated pork belly with charred pineapple & Sriracha Yogurt Goma sauce on Black Waffle, and Vietnamese Pandan Waffles made using coconut milk and ‘Pandan’ flavouring, which are cakey on the inside. 

Coffee is roasted by Five Senses, and their single origin of the day was the Ethiopian YirgZero. This washed zero defect lot had a wonderful floral aroma, with juicy apricot and peach notes.
Coffee is served with Dutch Stroopwafels (syrup waffles), which are very thin layers with caramel syrup sandwiched between them.

For those who don’t drink coffee, there’s a selection of organic loose leaf tea offerings, as well as Matcha, Taro, and chai served both hot and cold.

Horse on Heels will have you galloping into Fitzroy for their speciality waffles and coffee.






Horse on heels
50 Rose Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065


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