The Guilty Moose

Let’s get things straight- there is no moose culpable of any wrongdoing here. The boys behind the machine (Shane and Alan) would have you think it was thought up during a trip to Canada, where excessive moonshine was consumed, and a moose was hit while driving. Myths aside, the name seems pertinent considering the moose has a huge appetite, hence may be guilty of eating everything in sight. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing at this café; as the menu is jam packed with nourishing meals, and designed by ex-Attica chef, Jason Chong.

The venue itself has recently had a makeover, and the recycled timber counter has been traded for a black counter that features concrete square panels, and a solid timber top. They’ve also done away with the La Marzocco fb70, and brought in a sexy black slayer. They’ve kept the exposed red brick walls, and the branch signalling towards the courtyard out back is still prominent on the side wall.

The menu is creative, with an Asian influence, and some cleverly named dishes. There’s the ‘Lindsay Wagner’ strawberry & mandarin ambrosia with marshmallow and honeycomb, the ‘Breakfast of Champignons’, aka. Garlic and thyme roasted mushrooms with whipped chevre and umami, the “Six Months in a leaky boat’, which are baked eggs with buttered leek, guanchali, and feta on sourdough toast, and the ‘Popeye the sailor man….toot! toot!’ spiced creamed spinach with dukkah and za’atar. Yes, I did laugh reading the menu, and had that Popeye theme song in my mind the entire day.

Lunch options include Beef burgers, Crumbed Fishcakes, Chicken noodle salad, and cauliflower cheese with red quinoa and kale chips.

Coffee is from Padre, and the Daddy’s Girl blend had a big body, with milk chocolate notes.  This also had a washed Ethiopian single origin from Sidamo, which had a wonderful clarity, with juicy stone fruit and black tea nuances.








The Guilty Moose
143 Victoria Street
Albert Park VIC 3206


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