Too many chiefs in Brighton

Lots has changed since I was last at this corner spot 6 years ago. Back then it was called “Pod Espresso”, the coffee was roasted by Veneziano, and the barista was old enough to be my dad. It’s since had a facelift, has been christened with a new name, and the barista is a sprightly young lad.

Too Many Chiefs has a stylish new interior, with a marble counter, matte black Linea PB, and an LED light feature in the shape of a tipi. Since the tipi has been associated with chiefs throughout history, it also makes for an apt logo. Just like the tipi was a sacred space for Native Americans, it symbolises a sacred coffee space in Brighton. A large coffee window serves locals as they commute to North Brighton Station directly opposite, while inside many find shelter from the outside elements.

Staff are attentive, and provide quality food fare to meet the culinary needs of their clientele. The head honcho, Jay, has made the most of the small space, with tables that run along the side wall, providing ample space to manoeuvre, without compromising style. With the vibrant green ferns scattered around the room, and clean white walls and light pendants, there’s a fresh feel at Too Many Chiefs.

The menu is also fresh, and nourishing, with all day options such as House Made caramelised Pork Terrine with poached eggs, peach, pear & Frisee salad, Vodka and Beetroot cured Ocean Trout with lime cream fraiche, Twice cooked French Toast with chocolate cherry sauce, crystallised pistachios & vanilla cream, and Prawn tacos with spicy chard corn salsa and fat fries.  They also have a selection of gluten free, dairy free, and vegan salads.

Coffee is from Code Black, and their seasonal blend was composed of 75% Ethiopia Worka and 25% Kenya Kamuchuni. It made for a fruit driven cup, with citrus acidity, and gape juicy notes.


Too many chiefs.
305 Bay St
Brighton VIC 3186


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