Common Galaxia

Named after a species of fish native to the nearby Maribyrnong River, Common Galaxia was originally the brainchild of Luke Mutton, now at Sun Moth in Melbourne’s CBD. A few years ago, local publican Paul Fox took over the reins, revamping the menu, but maintained the venues style. Much like its namesake, which survived the impacts of industrialisation to the local river during the 19th century, Common Galaxia has proven itself a viable stalwart of the area that has stood the test of time.

In terms of quality, very little has changed since my last visit in 2012. The coffee is still sourced from Seven Seeds, and the interior is remains modern and spacious. The concrete walls are enhanced by timber panels, and the smoothly curved coffee bar is adorned with locally sourced produce, such as rooftop honey, Noisette Bakery, and Mork Chocolate.

The menu is focused on Australian style cuisine, with offerings such as Paleo Granola with poached berries & coconut yoghurt; French Toast with banana vanilla custard, Ham Hock Eggs Benedict, and Portuguese Baked Eggs.

Both filter and espresso options are available, and today’s single origin was the Colombian Edmundo Toro. This washed Caturra had a smooth body, with plum notes.

Common Galaxia
3/130 Victoria St
Seddon VIC 3011







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