Mayday Coffee

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!  Richmond Radar, Tess Presso engine failure, forced landing at 410 Bridge Road.

Introducing Mayday, a Richmond hotspot that’s part of the Axil family. Mayday takes its name from the distress signal used in an emergency. In a sense, a lack of caffeine tends to cue a distress call, and Mayday fits the bill when it comes to responding to such emergencies. With its shiny new Linea PB, Mythos One, ek43, Moccamaster, 3.67 Litre cold drip tower, and a large open kitchen; they’ve got all the gear to get kick start your engine.

Much like its big brother in Hawthorn, this corner venue has ample space, which caters for all the hungry locals, who have long awaited a foodie spot of this proportion on Bridge Road. With its airy atmosphere and warm lighting, Mayday has a vibrant feel. Dotted lush greenery adds a touch of nature, which works well with the freshly painted white walls.

The all day menu features Croque madame with smoked ham hock and raclette cheese; Chargrilled cauli and haloumi beignet; S’more chocolate waffle sandwich with torched house marshmallows, and 180gm black angus beef cheeseburger on challa.

Coffee of the day was the Colombian Rodrigo Sanchez, which is a washed processed mixed varietal. As a long black, it had panela sweetness, with clean tropical fruit flavours. As it cooled pomegranate notes became more prominent.

A potential engine failure was circumvented, and Im happy to report I was well caffeinated following my Mayday call.

410 Bridge Rd
Richmond VIC 3121









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