Sartoria opened on Plenty Road, Preston earlier this year. I had the pleasure of meeting its owner, Adriana, who wholeheartedly articulated the sentimental value of this large venue.  I could feel the love for her mother and father, who were ‘Frock Manufacturers’ that originally ran a clothing factory here in the 1970’s. Like many Italian migrants, Adriana’s parents were hard-working, and the evidence is not only projected on the back wall and scattered around the café, but it manifests in their daughter’s charm and business know how.

The room is spacious, warm, and dotted with sartorial delights, and vintage sewing machines (a weakness of mine!). Staff members sport bespoke aprons that pay homage to the venues history with their dressmaking designs, and the timber stools also reference the old clothing factory with measuring tape designs printed on them. Even the tables have bases made from repurposed Singer Sewing machine cast iron base treadles.

This attention to detail follows through into the menu, which is tailored around locally sourced produce, and lists some cleverly named dishes, like The Needle, The Thread, and The Seamstress Breakfast option. A sample of the menu includes The Hanger, ie. Coconut tapioca with fruit salad, water chestnuts, and lime granita; The Seamstress Waffle hash browns with beetroot and charred onion petals and pea puree; and The Machinist, Crispy Pork Hock with crumbed black pudding. Lunch options include The Spindle Super Salad, The Overlocker Wagyu Cheeseburger, and The Organza Ricotta Gnocchi with zucchini flowers, and pecorino.  They are fully licenced, so Cocktails, Beers, and Wine are all on the menu.

Coffee is extracted on a vibrant La Marzocco GB5, and roasted by Where’s Marcel, which is a darker roast coffee than I am used too.

Sartoria is immersed in its rich history, and has made its own modern mark on this once prosperous dressmaking factory. The legacy lives on, and today I raise my cup in respect to those who have paved the way for my generation.





115 Plenty Rd
Preston VIC 3072


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