“Architecture cannot be totally explained but must be experienced”. Hawthorn’s Bawa cafe is named after Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa, one of the most respected and creative figures to come out of the South Asian Island national.

Bawa is famed for building Heritance Kandalama, and had a knack for blending buildings with their natural environment, hence removing barriers between the interior of a venue, and its outdoor surrounds. In light of Bawa’s design being influenced by the ‘Tropical Modernism’ movement, the team here at BAWA cafe have incorporated the features of this style, with ample ceiling greenery that’s reminiscent of a rainforest.

The menu here has also been exquisitely designed, which is no surprise, considering the team here ‘cut their teeth’ at some of Melbourne’s most popular cafes, that being Barry, Pillar of Salt, and Three Bags Full.

All day menu options include Banana & Peanut Butter French toast with honeycomb, banana, and basil; Potato Roesti with slow braised pork; Grilled Caciocavallo cheese with swiss brown mushrooms and kale pesto; and the Wagyu bacon cheeseburger.

Coffee is roasted by Dukes, and the single of the day was the Colombian Los Vascos. This washed processed Caturra/Colombia varietal was best served as a short black, and had a clean body, with citrus acidity.

248 Burwood Rd
Hawthorn VIC 3122








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