Poacher & Hound

Poacher & Hound opened its doors at the beginning of March this year, in an industrial section of Mt Waverley. This south eastern suburb of Melbourne has recently had an injection of specialty cafes, and Poacher & Hound brings with is a contemporary Melbourne cafe paired with European cuisine.

The venues name is a reflection of the role hounds historically played in helping poachers hunt and retrieve game, and is according to the cafe designers, is also incorporated in the fit out. Designed by the team at Techne, the space combines natural elements like brass and terracotta, with contemporary graphic aspects.

Planters are made from ply and lined with rattan; while the main counter is embellished with terracotta roof tiles. The La Marzocco GB5 machine has been customised, and features brass fittings, and a timber panelled face that is laser etched with the Poacher & Hound logo. I stood sipping my espresso at the steel bar with textured cement render, and looking out towards the spacious dining area that has an unperturbed ambiance.

The menu is Modern Australian, with a French twist.  All day breakfast options include the Mushroom Omelette with grated Manchego cheese, Corn cakes with whipped avocado; and Salmon Gravlax.  Lunch ranges from Raw Vegetable Salads, through to braised ‘Ala Fricassee’ Free Range Chicken, Lamb Gnocchi, and Grilled pork belly with Knodels (bread dumpling).

Coffee is from Sensory Lab, with both their Steadfast blend as the house blend, and rotating seasonal single origin beans for black coffee. I enjoyed the Colombian Alirio Aguilera, which had a creamy body, with green apple notes. 

They also have a selection of teas, which are served in Yokode Kyūsu  teapots.

Poacher & Hound
21-35 Ricketts Road
Mount Waverley VIC









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