The Little Man Cafe

“A little man often casts a long shadow”.

This corner site was once home to the Seddon Post Office. That was until The Little Man moved in. The café takes its name from one of the owners, who it must be said, has a short stature.  What this chef may lack in height, he makes up with his ability to produce some wholesome meals.

The interior also has its inherent charm, with baby blue tiles, whitewashed brick walls, Scandinavian furnishings, wide timber floorboards, and ample natural light thanks to the large front window. They’ve even kept a section of the Post Office’s original PO Boxes, which I noticed just opposite the front counter when I walked through the front door.

All day breakfast options include Vanilla bean rice with mixed berries; Chilli & Relish scrambled eggs; and Herb potato croquettes. The Lunch menu features the Little Man Beef Burger with beer battered chips; Grilled pumpkin with almond skordalia on sourdough toast; and Stir fried vegetables with miso, chickpeas, and tempeh.

Coffee is from Industry Beans, and today’s single origin was the Ethiopian Gelana Abaya
This naturally processed heirloom varietal id from the Gedeo Zone, and was grown at 1700 to 1900 meters above sea level. As a long black, it had sweet fruit notes, with rich strawberry flavours.

The Little Man
158 Victoria Street
Seddon VIC 3011









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