Long Story Short

To make a long story short is to avoid a long explanation. So, I’ll sidestep rambling on, and just give you the basic facts about this Port Melbourne spot, and let you experience it for yourself. I visited Long Story Short a year after they opened in Richmond. They made the big move to Port Melbourne last month, after the realisation that Richmond was flooded with cafes and coffee roasters. On the contrary, Port Melbourne is still in its infancy when it comes to specialty coffee, and thus a suitable new home for Long Story Short.

Contrary to the former Richmond space dominated by dark tones, this new corner location has a fresh pared backed style, and makes use of natural light and minimal ornamentation. The furniture is Scandinavian inspired, with lots of light timber features, and the walls have a fresh lick of white paint.

The menu is extensive, and loaded with locally sourced seasonal ingredients. All day options include Coconut sago pudding with Pina colada, rice crisps, and pink pirouette flowers; Matcha smoothie bowls; Liquorice salt & local fetta scrambled duck eggs; Pistachio crumbed fish tacos; and a selection of salads.

Coffee is by Proud Mary, and the brew bar is fitted with all the right gear. From the Matte Black La Marzocco GB5, the EK43 grinder, 2 Mazzer grinders, a 4 station cold drip tower, right down to a collection of pour over drippers.

Those who don’t drink coffee, can alternatively opt for a Matcha latte, organic tea, or ever the famed Long Story Short theatrical hot chocolate web and marshmallow.

Being a self-confessed coffee addict, I had a long black made using bean from Costa Rica. My cup was rich, with a vibrant acidity.

Long Story Short
40 Crockford St
Port Melbourne VIC 3207









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