Son of a Pizzaiolo

Being of Italian descent, I was instinctively attracted to Son of a Pizzaiolo. The term Pizzaiolo denotes a person who makes pizzas, and that’s exactly what they do best here.

Son of a Pizzaiolo brings together the best of both worlds when it comes to an Italian restaurant and a Northern suburb cafe. It’s classy enough to serve as restaurant of an evening, and works a treat as a laid back café by day. The décor has a polished industrial feel, with exposed red brick walls, copper fittings, antique wall mounted lights, and hanging greenery.

There were many fragments of the Italian culture within this inviting space, from the custom built marble tabletops, wood fire oven, Intense  espresso extracted from the cream coloured La Marzocco; right through to the Italian themed menu.

The friendly staff informed me that the owners cut their teeth making pizza at an Ivanhoe eatery. 
The extensive menu has classic Melbourne favourites with an Italian twist, such as the Open Steak Ciabatta, Breakfast Focaccia, Salami Panino, and Slow cooked Duck Risotto.

They also have an evening menu with vegetarian and meat themed pizzas, and traditional Italian meals like Chicken Involtini, Rigatoni Calabrese, Oven Baked Paccheri, and Porcini Arancini. Fear not fellow gluten intolerant folks- they have gluten free pizza! I do respect a café that caters for people with special dietary requirements. The wine list has an impressive range of imported wines and beers, and some delicious liqueurs like Frangelico, Limoncello, and Grappa.

Coffee is roasted by Locale, and the No143 blend is made up of beans from Colombia, India, and Tanzania. True to the Italian tradition, my short black had a bold body, with intense chocolate notes.

“Figlio di un pizzaiolo”, sei bellissimo.

Son of a Pizzaiolo
875 High St
Thornbury VIC 3071





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