3000 Thieves curated coffee subscription: Rumble Coffee Roasters

I was fortunate to be a recipient of this month’s Three Thousand Thieves curated coffee subscription. The beans were delivered with a thorough story booklet, as well as visual flavour profile.

The moment I opened the box, my senses where inundated with a delicious aroma, and my eyes lit up when I realised the beans where naturally processed.

This stellar supersonic El Salvadorian offering was roasted by the team at Rumble Roasters, which are based in Kensington, 4 km west of Melbourne’s bustling CBD.

One thing I love about Rumble Coffee, apart from their brown beans, is their distinctive packaging, which usually features a feathered friend from the coffee’s origin. They have chosen the baby Spectacled Owl for the El Salvador Supersonic, because this bird can be found in Central America.

The Supersonic is actually made up of coffee from three neighbouring farms- Himalaya, Villa Galicia, and Villa Cypress, which sit at an altitude of around 1350-1450 meters above sea level, and are run by Mauricio A Salaverria.  The Bourbon and Caturra cherries are picked and processed at the same time, using natural methods. The farmer’s diligence results in a coffee that is both smooth and fruity, and tastes much like strawberries and cream; with hints of orange. A knockout brew, with a real fruit punch, that’s got me ready to rumble (Sorry… I couldn’t help myself!)



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