Phat Milk

Phat Milk offers a fusion between Melbourne style café food fares, and Middle Eastern cuisine.  It also taught me that a suburb named Travancore existed west of Melbourne. I shamefully admit, I didn’t even know this area was known as Travencore. It deserves its own postcode thanks to Phat Milk, who have put it on the map.  

Coffee is roasted by Code Black in Brunswick, and their house blend is made up of 50% Ethiopia Worka, and 50% Brail Airuma. It delivered a smooth long black, with choc hazelnut tones.

The menu  has something for everyone, whether you be vegan, vegetarian, or meat loving. Breakfast ranges from Foul Medammes (Fava Beans) with poached eggs and Zaatar bread, Turkish Waffles with coconut yoghurt, Persian Fairy floss, and Turkish delight booza; right through to the Sahlab Bowl with cinnamon, pistachio, and fresh blueberries. Then there’s lunch, and if you are a fan of Falafels, you’ll love the Falafel Burger with harissa mayo. For meat eaters, there’s a Fennel and Chilli Pork Slider with baba ganouche.





Below – Sahlab Bowl


Phat Milk
208 Mount Alexander Rd
Travancore VIC 3032


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