Work Hard and stay humble. That’s the motto at Hendriks. Its been a year since I was last here. Back then, Hendriks was only 2 months old, and  owner Lee & Chloe were living their dream in this open cafe.  They’re still living the dream, and this busy Mordialloc café named after Lee’s middle name, has as much patron traffic as the main road its located of. White Street connects the Nepean highway to the Peninsula Freeway, and also connects this bayside suburb to the specialty coffee commonly enjoyed in inner Melbourne

This large converted factory looks out onto a golf course, and was designed and built by Lee, with the assistance of Chloe’s dad. Together they built all the timber furnishings, using timber sourced from Daylesford, as well as steel from a local fabrication company. The room is decorated with brass features, and white brick walls and tiles; and has been a well-received addition to the area.

The All-day menu features the H’s Potato & Parmesan Hash with 2 poached eggs, mushroom, and sage hollandaise, Cointreau Hotcakes with ham steak, Indo Fritters, and Pulled Beef Brisket with grains and Goats curd.

Coffee is from both Five Senses, and Omar Coffee Bird. I decided to try the single origin of the day, which was a washed Ethiopian from the Oromia region. My long black had an aroma much like sweet grapes, and a rich body with chocolate notes.

105/107 White St
Mordialloc VIC 3195







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