George Jones.

From the team that brought us the Cheeky Monkey in Richmond, comes this fresh new eatery in Pascoe Vale. While speaking with the owner Paul Today, I learnt about the history of the area, and that George Jones was the first storekeeper in the area back in 1840.  Fast forward 175 years, and George Jones is a meticulously designed eatery in the quiet backstreets of Pascoe Vale. The venue was designed by  Eondesign Architects + Interiors, and has a general store theme. There’s a large dining area with black spindle back chairs, pale timber boothes, and brass light fixtures.

The menu is on-trend, and ahead of its time for the area. Breakfast features Baked Egg in Porky Beans, Beetroot and Feta Smash, and Green Eggs & Ham. Lunch and dinner includes Orecchiette & Zucchini pasta, Thai Sticky Pork & Papaya Salad, and a selection of Burgers. They are fully licensed, and have a range of imported beers, ciders, wines, and cocktails available.

Coffee is extracted on a matte black GB5, and their single origin coffee is roasted in house on a 2kg roaster. Today’s Tanzanian offering had dark chocolate notes, with cherry highlights.




George Jones.
15 Pascoe St
Pascoe Vale VIC 3044


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  1. Fantastic shots


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