Grigon & Orr.

Walking into Grigon & Orr made me feel like I had just taken a trip back in time…. But really, I’m at a lovable North Melbourne corner spot. This retro style café feels much like an old milk bar, the kind you could buy wizz fizz, fads (they were fags back in my day!), big boss cigars, red skins, and lollies out of a glass jar. An old SPAM tin fixed to the Synesso machine serves as a utensil holder, and a selection of MAD magazines hang from the from counter for readers young and old to peruse. I quickly grabbed a copy, and went straight to the SPY VS SPY section! Yes, I am a long-time fan.

The café itself is petite, so many spill out onto the outdoor dining area, while others shuffle upstairs where thankfully, there are additional seats.

All Day Breakfast includes Uncle Bennies with fresh spinach & REAL hollandaise, triple stacked corn fritters with chilli jam, Rosti n Mushrooms , and the ‘Lord of the Sea Crumpet’, which is made up of two organic crumpets, smoked salmon, 63° egg,  kimchi, and horseradish cream. 

Then there’s lunch! Options include the Trusty Sea Dog , which is beer battered flathead, with shoestring fries, the My Chickadee  Southern fried chicken breast with bacon, burnt chilli mayo slaw , and a variety of cleverly named Jaffle

Coffee is from Espresso Syndicate, and was delightfully smooth, with malt highlights reminiscent of milo. They also serve old fashioned Devonshire Tea in a pot with a knitted cosy, and served with scones, jam, and cream!



Grigon & Orr.
445 Queensberry St
North Melbourne VIC 3051


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