Young Uncles

Young Uncles is Dandenong’s very own café serving specialty coffee next door to their sister business Uncles, which specialise in Traditional European Smallgoods. They literally invite you to smell the aroma of their old fashioned smokehouse, which has been sharing its artisan smallgoods with locals since 1994. Young Uncles, brainchild of two mates who started out selling Polish sausages in brioche buns out of a van at events around Melbourne, and later went on to take over the Uncles Smallgoods business in Dandenong.

It’s not a bad set up, having a café next to a deli loaded with a multitude of artisan sausages, baked pates, beef brisket, smoked chicken breast, bacon, presswurst, chorizo, kabana, cheeses, and lots more.

When the local council awarded them a business grant a couple of years ago, they decided to invest in a La Marzocco Linea, which meant they set in stone their commitment to serving specialty coffee, which the area had long been deprived of.  

Two years on, and they are obviously doing something right. I could hardly get through the door, and not a seat inside was empty. The café is limited for space, but not for atmosphere. Freshly made baguettes, wraps, sandwiches, and salads filled with cured meats and locally sourced ingredients sit beneath the large glass cabinet, and greets you upon arrive. The menu offers lots of options jam-packed with smallgoods made next door, such as open melt sandwiches and sealed toasties straight out of the sandwich press, soups, Burgers, and even Korean Hotdogs.

Coffee is sourced from Five Senses, and their hoppers are filled with the Crompton Road blend. As a long black, this blend had a well-balanced body, with notes of baked chocolate.  Mind you, if you’re not into coffee, the Young Uncles have Matcha Maiden, Golden Lattes, and Mork chocolate on the menu. It’s wonderful to see a commitment to sharing the café culture common to inner Melbourne, in this greater Melbourne suburb.

Young Uncles
127 Thomas Street
Dandenong VIC 3175









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