Il Melograno

Fact: Il Melograno is Italian for The pomegranate. The owners, of Italian background, named this café after the Pomegranate because of it symbolises rebirth, which is what they did with their career upon moving back to Melbourne from Italy. The pair met serendipitously in Sicily, and brought their all natural gelato recipe to Melbourne to share we us all, alongside some outstanding coffee, and Italian inspired meals.

The Barista Fervently explained that the gelato is all natural, and made using ingredients such as pistachio nuts that are roasted and churned into butter in-house. What was most impressive was the wood fired coffee roasted on site. The coffee is known as “Ricci Method”, a Micro Artisan Roastery that pioneered a Wood Fired method of roasting in Victoria. The process uses a select range of timbers carefully adapted to the varieties of green beans. It’s thought that the gentle roasting infuses the timber notes into the beans, producing unique flavours and characteristics.

Indeed it does; my long black definitely had a unique profile, with multilayers. Its body was silky and hugged the palate, and the flavour moved from stone fruit to honeycomb, and finished with wonderful chocolate fudge brownie nuances.

I did become side-tracked from the gelato, which should not be overlooked. Their Gelato recipes are over 3 decades old, and made without any commercial essence, preservatives, or artificial flavours. It’s true artisan gelato made using local ingredients and fruit sourced directly from the farm. Flavours include Salted Macadamia, Orange infused ricotta, and Chocolate and Rosemary.

Their breakfast and lunch menu is also chock-full of locally sourced includes, and includes Organic Sardines on Toast, Sicilian Baked Eggs with Fennel & Pork Sausage, and Biancomangiare, which is Almond Milk & Vanilla Chia Pudding. Lunch features Zuppa di Cozze, which is Fresh Mussels sautéed with white wine & garlic, and a Selection of Panini with gourmet ingredients such as Buffalo Mozzarella, prosciutto, baked ricotta, semi dried tomatoes, and salami.




Il Melograno.
76 High St
Northcote VIC 3070


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