Neck of the Woods

While in Geelong, I paid a visit to the Neck of the Woods café, which is the second venture for husband and wife team that brought Fuel to Geelong- literally, and figuratively.

Neck of the Woods exudes style, and class without compromising comfort, and this clean open space has been blessed with a large front window that allows lots of sunshine in.

The menu is as fresh as the fit out, with all day breakfast options like Pure Paleo organic granola with house made compote; Brekky Panini toasties; and Smashed Avo with Meredith goat’s cheese. They also have a number of toasted Panini filled with ingredients like pastrami, pickled red cabbage semi dried tomatoes, and blue cheese; as well as ever changing seasonal salads.

Coffee is roasted by Campos, and both a house blend and single origin are available. Their house blend is the Campos superior, which has a solid body perfect for milk based coffee. I went for an espresso shot, made using the washed El Salvador single origin beans. It had a rich body, with flavours akin to Nutella.

Neck of the woods
136 Meyers St
Geelong VIC 3220







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