As if Collingwood wasn’t already saturated with cafes, in comes Arno. They do things the Italian way here, within the confines of a tiny space, under a staircase. Owner Leon told me he named this spot after the river Arno, which flows through Florence; the location that inspired this espresso bar.

Its Leon’s first cafe, who has previously worked at several Carlton venues, such as Brunetti, but thought it was time he opened up his own slice of Italy.

You’re greeted with a traditional ‘Buongiorno’, and a smiling Leon behind the La Marzocco GB5. Dont come here looking for a single origin beans or batch brew. Its all about traditional espresso here, the way my nonna would drink. Coffee is sourced from Locale, and the No.141 blend is strong, and loaded with dark roast nuances.

The menu is simple, with both ‘Colazione e Pranzo’ (Breakfast and Lunch) offerings suited to those on the go. The menu board features Pancetta & Egg Panini, Nutella Toasties, Insalata’s, and a selection of Ciabatta panini with traditional Italian fillings like Prosciutto and Buffalo Mozzarella.

Arno may be hidden in a one way back street of Collingwood, but from what I can see,  its not short of locals that seem to know Leon on a first name basis.

51 Cromwell Street
Collingwood VIC 3066






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