Saint James

Saint James is the latest offering from the team that brought us Hard Pressed in East Melbourne, and From on High in Prahran. It’s located on Malvern Road, and looks out on to the busy tramway. The interior has been designed by Mimi-Mrytle and Co, and features grey and green pastel tones, with warm timber features; which also continue out into the rear courtyard. There’s a bright yellow La Marzocco GB5 on the coffee bar, which will soon be replaced by the first Slayer Steam in Australia.  I had a great chat with one of the owners, Craig Tate, who also informed me that they’ll soon be opening their own roaster in Collingwood, named the Yorkshire brew house, as well as a pizza bar.

The menu has an English theme, with all day brunch options such as Black Pudding with polenta and fresh herb salad; Horseradish panna cotta; Bubble & Squeak; and Ham Hock Terrine with bone marrow toast. Their methods are ethical; with all organic waste used for compost, and a strong focus on seasonal and free range produce. The make all their sweets in-house, as well as their almond milk. I’ve never been a fan of mas produced UHT variety, but the home made batch I sampled had a silky texture, with a purity quite enjoyed. The Saint James team also roast their own coffee, and their seasonal blend is made up of Colombian and Brazilian beans. The lovely barista, Ngoc, made me a rich long black, loaded with milk chocolate and nut tones.

I sat at the front bench, soaking up the atmosphere & warm spring sunshine beaming in through the window. 

Saint James
1376 Malvern Road
Malvern VIC 3144






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