The Pour Kid

This cheerful café in Malvern has a rather playful menu, which is as imaginative as the interior décor.

Here’s a sample of the cleverly crafted dishes:

“The Clark Kent of Muesli” with ancient ‘super grains’,
“Three Bears out Hunting” porridge with stewed rhubarb & Pistachio praline,
“Seeds the Day!” Blueberry, orange + vanilla soaked chia seed pudding,
“The Lego” build-a-breaky,
“Leeky Coq” ie. Poached chicken with braised leek,
“Identity Crisis” Sautéed Swiss brown mushrooms & Italian Taleggio cheese,
“We need to talk about Kevin (Bacon)” ie. Creamy folded eggs with goats curd & spicy maple glazed bacon.

And that’s not all! They also have the “Duck for Cover” , “Stacks On”, and “Out and a trout”. It’s a puntastic menu, and I couldn’t help sharing it.

If you have a “thirst for knowledge”, then like me, you are going to need a strong coffee. Fear not, they run Axils seasonal blend through the vibrant yellow FB70. Its smooth, with soft acidity, and sweet toffee notes.

Pardon me for cutting this post short, but I did get carried away giggling at the menu, and so I’m running latte for work (I couldn’t resist a pun!).




Pour Kid.
1E Winter St
Malvern VIC 3144


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