Short Straw

I’ve drawn the short straw this morning.

This Hawthorn cafe is brought to us by the guys behind Tall Timber and Touchwood. In line with their previous ventures, the cafe takes its name from a well known idiom.Fortunately, visiting Short Straw isn’t an unpleasant task. The large open space has ample natural light, vinyl tile flooring, oak furnishings, and steel bentwood chairs. The white walls serve as a fresh backdrop against which lush greeny thrives.

The menu offers modern ‘Melbourne style’ food, with a progressive slant. All day options include House made waffles; Smashed peas with prosciutto and pesto; Vietnamese scrambled eggs; and Citrus cured New Zealand king salmon.

Coffee is from Niccolo, and my long black was served in a vibrant yellow ACME cup. It boasted a strong body, with classic Italian espresso characteristic.

Short Straw
743B Glenferrie Rd
Hawthorn VIC 3122







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