Hidden down a walkway in Cheltenham lives a youthful milkboy, who gladly kickstarts passing commuters with specialty coffee. This busy little cafe has had a few modifications over recently months, which has seen the introduction of Proud Mary coffee to the Cheltenham community, via a brand new Synesso MVP. It seems it was time to retire the V1 Slayer machine, which pumped out Coffee Supreme for almost two years. There are also plans to extend the venue, which has already outgrown the dual shopfront space.  One half is occupied by a European style deli, where you can pick up freshly made baguettes filled with cured meats, imported cheese, roasted and sun-dried vegetables, and other deli essentials. The aroma is the first thing that hits you upon entering, and brought me back to my childhood when I would visit the Oakleigh market with my grandparents on a Saturday morning, where salami’s would hang from the ceiling, and the aromatics from the cured meats and herbs would fill the air.

The other half of the cafe is where those of us who prefer to drink out of a ceramic cup can sit for a moment and enjoy a coffee or meal. The walls are lined with vinyl hip hop records, which accentuate a retro vibe created by the smooth background music; and a turntable sits beside the ek43 grinder.

I enjoyed a long black made from Proud Mary’s Ghostrider blend. This blend combines a natural yellow bourbon varietal from Brazil, with a natural Ethiopian from the Jimma region. My cup was loaded with jammy red fruit notes, and a creamy smooth body…. rather apt, from a milkyboy.

Shop 1 Railway Walk, 255 Charman Rd
Cheltenham VIC 3192






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