Padre Royal Arcade

The last time I visited this Royal Arcade shop, it was called Standing Room, and served Five Senses coffee. These days, it’s part of the Padre family, and still serves as a standing room only coffee shop.

This narrow 19-square-metre space is housed in the Royal arcade, which is a Victorian style heritage listed building, aged over 145 years old.  Once you enter through the glass door, you immediately encounter an antique wrought iron spiral staircase, which gives the room that ‘olde style’ charm. The front counter is made from marble and timber, while the side walls are lined with white tiles, where upon sit shelves full of coffee brewing devices, and bags of coffee.

The coffee bar features a La Marzocco Linea PB, EK43 grinder, and a Bruer Cold Brew system.  I enjoyed a long black made from the Panama El Paso Ancho single origin beans. This washed Caturra/Typical varietal is grown in theChiriquí Province, at an altitude between 1650 and 2000 meters above sea level. My cup was much like dairy milk chocolate, with hints of caramel.

 I also tried the cold brew, made from the Guatemalan ‘Plan de Guayabo’ beans, which had a smooth body, with toffee sweetness.


Padre Royal Arcade
Shop 48, Royal Arcade, Elizabeth St
Melbourne VIC 3000 






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