Dukes at Ross House

Dukes at Ross House in Melbourne’s Flinders Lane had a line out the door this morning, which is no surprise. These guys know their coffee, and exactly how to extract the best of out of it. Asides from the coffee, I adore the antique floor tiles here, and the dim lighting that doesn’t overwhelm the senses when one is in dire need of a caffeine hit. What’s more, I appreciate the simplicity in the menu; and comfort in the knowledge that staff know the tasting notes of the black, white, and filter options available. Yes, I do prefer a café run by people who actually know what the coffee tastes like, and can make a suggestion based on what best matches my personal preference. This is what sets an ordinary café apart from a café run by passionate coffee enthusiasts.  

So, based on my preference for black coffee, I went for the single origin as a long black. I sat at the filter bar and watched as the barista ground my beans through the EK43, measuring it out on the bars in built scales, and then extracting it through the La Marzocco Linea PB.
In my cup?

Guatemala Las Mercedes.

This coffee is from a farm in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, which is run by a mother and son team, Ruth and Nicholas Hammond.  The Red Bourbon varietal has been growing on this farm for 165 years, which is how far back Ruth and Nicholas’ family history on this land goes.

I’ve had many a Guatemalan coffee over the years, but this one has been a stand out in terms of its intense flavour. As a long black, I enjoyed its mild acidity, with sweet red fruit and vanilla tones.

Dukes at Ross House
247 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000







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