Situated near the northern end of Hawthorn Road, Picknick is a 9 month old café in Caulfield with a sunny disposition. The moment I entered this inviting café, I felt a sense of ease, and completely absorbed the atmosphere. The fit out is not only visually pleasing, but a display of the owners passion for hospitality. Originally from Tel Aviv, Dave came to Melbourne on his honeymoon, and serendipitously fell in love with it. It was not long after that, Dave and his wife moved to Caulfield, a south eastern suburb with a well-represented Jewish community. The name of the café was inspired by his desire to pack picnic baskets for locals to take to the many surrounding parks. With the assistance of his wife, Dave designed and built the entire café, including constructing the concrete counter, building the furnishings, and tiling the kitchen walls. The room has a clean fit out, pastel grey tones, and a black & white hexagon theme. They even have a large Picnic bench, which serves as a communal table, and looks just like the ones you find at parks and beach picnic areas- all that’s missing are the seagulls! Dave tells me that his wife crafted the venues interior to reflect their appreciation for creativity, as well as style.

At the heart of Picknick, is a dedication to nutritious eats, and organic ingredients. All sweets are gluten, dairy, and sugar free; as well as raw, vegan, and paleo. They are made using superfoods, doterra, essential oils, and most importantly- love!

Breakfast is served all day, and includes Pecan Maple House toasted Muesli, with rhubarb and buffalo curd, Organic Quinoa with apple and citrus segments, The Open Omelette, and Shakshuka. The Lunch menu features a selection of healthy sandwiches, Beef burgers, and Superfood Salads.

They also serve house made cold pressed juice, and I tried the Pineapple, Apple, Mint, and lemon juice, which was sweet and refreshing.

Coffee is from Roastcraft, and their unique blend had a rich and syrupy body, with notes of hazelnut and malt.




124 Hawthorn Rd
Caulfield VIC 3161


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