Slater Street Bench

I’ve been Benched. Slater Street Benched.

The bench is where I spent most my time when playing junior soccer, so I’m no stranger to the wooden boards. Fortunately, this bench comes with a La Marzocco Linea PB, two mythos grinders, an EK43, a moccamaster, and a plethora of sweet pastries.

Apart from the great coffee selection, friendly staff, and clean minimalist design-  Its the one cafe that has their coffee station¬†smack bang in the middle of the venue, which means coffee geeks like myself can see ‘behind the scenes’ brew techniques. This transparency does not only serve to allow customers to view the brew process, but it removes any barriers between the barista and consumer. This may well be a contributing factor to my great appreciation for the diligent barista, who while on their feet all day, is constantly striving to serve the best coffee possible. If you have been here before, you know that you can sit anywhere you like, whether it be on the benches that line the window, the stools around the central bench,  or if you’re anything like me- right next to the barista grinding the beans for your coffee!

Its an atmosphere the team here have obviously created with a purpose. Its this attention to detail that makes a cafe stand out. It may be a small aspect, but when it comes to my morning coffee,  there are a multitude of cafes serving quality coffee on the latest and best machines (it is Melbourne after all), but I’ll always sift out those cafes which foster a sense of comfort before heading off to face the challenges of the day. In my case, its the simple things that matter most.

I enjoyed a long black that tasted much like sweet toffee and praline. This washed seasonal blend from Acoffee was 50% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, and 50% Colombian San Marco.

Slater St Bench
8/431 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne VIC 3004









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