Libertine & Co

Many people spend their mornings at the local café, and feel a sense of belonging that’s fostered by the relationship with the barista. Sometimes, that local café becomes a refuge from the weather, as well as life’s trials and tribulations, and a place to gain perspective; along with a cup of Joe. That’s exactly how single mother, Libby Houghton, used to feel when she visited her local café each day. The sense of community which she discovered a café could generate, was the motivator behind opening Libertine & Co. It was also her way of giving back to the community. Libertine being a play on words, Libby chose to design the café so that that customers could feel as though it was a home away from home. It’s both warm and unrefined, with a rustic style that’s accentuated by native timbers and flora, and an old leather lounge chair that gives the room a cosy lived in air. The coffee bar and kitchen is surrounded by old timber crates, and the 2 group La Marzocco FB80 takes pride of position on the main bar.

The menu uses organic and nourishing produce, and includes options like the Gringo Quesadilla scrambled eggs in a toasted wrap; Whipped avocado with a poached egg, feta, and dukkha; and the Ploughman’s stack with homemade pickles, cheese, capers, and prosciutto on sourdough.

Coffee is sourced from Sensory Lab, with the Steadfast blend in the hopper. The espresso blend is made up of 50% Colombian, and 50% Brazilian beans, and boasts those classic espresso qualities. My short black was rich, with dark chocolate notes.

Libertine is located on trendy Johnston Street Collingwood, yet you will be forgiven for thinking you have stepped into a mellow sanctuary in regional Victoria, free of pretentiousness, and snugly saturated in natural sunlight.
Libertine & Co
141 Johnston St
Collingwood VIC 3066










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