Sensory Lab Lt Collins

The Science of Coffee.

Sensory Lab embodies the third wave movement of coffee in Melbourne. Since 2009, It has had prime position at the Little Collins Street Entrance of David Jones, Australia’s upmarket department store.
It’s where the barista is the scientist, and their ostensible goal is the transmutation of coffee beans into liquid gold, which serves as a panacea and my idyllic solution for all mondayitis problems.

The décor features a typical lab colour scheme, with neutral pale green and grey coloured walls and furniture, that bring depth and don’t detract from the focus- that being coffee.  Coffee Paraphernalia decorates the front counter, and consistent with the sterile nature of a science lab, dedicated work benches are made of stainless steel. Halogen Beam Heaters replace traditional Bunsen burners, and drop down lab lights hang from the ceiling to provide ample illumination.
Apart from being a site for busy shoppers and tourists alike to stop for a caffeine hit, the café layout creates a space that fosters interaction, and also serves as an innocuous space where one can learn about brewing processes, and coffee origins.

Being part of the St Ali Family, Sensory Lab has access to a wide range of single origin beans, as well as award winning coffee.  Today’s coffee of choice was the Colombian Finca El Mirador, which had sweet chocolate fudge flavours as an espresso.

Sensory Lab Lt Collins
297 Little Collins St
Melbourne VIC 3000 







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